comma CMMS Technician's App

Users can
see details
of assigned work,
complete jobs
create new
work requests. Requires an active comma CMMS account.


  • Available free of charge to any registered comma CMMS user.
  • Works with free, professional and premium accounts.
  • Specifically designed as a technician tool.
  • Lists assigned work orders by date, priority or deadline.
  • Provides details for each job, namely what tools, equipment and tasks are required.
  • Technicians can add work reports directly from the mobile device.
  • Allows creation of work requests
  • Allows the attachment of one picture to better describe the fault on work requests.
  • Continuously updated for free.


First get your server address by logging in to comma CMMS on the web, hover the mouse pointer on the top right bar where your name shows and click modules, then the API link. You will now see your server address.

Tap Advanced options to set server (most users to not need this).

Set server and tap "save".

Enter your credentials and tap login.

The default WO list.

The create work request screen.

The WO details page.

The work report area.


Why do I not see any work orders on my list?
Only not complete and not closed work orders assigned to you appear on the work order list.

I just created a work request. It doesn't appear on the work order list. Why?
if your comma CMMS account is set to always send the work requests to a specific department, it is assumed that a supervisor needs to assign the work request before is it processed. That means that the work request needs to first be explicitely assigned to you to show on the list. On the other hand, if comma CMMS is configured so that all work requests are sent to the same department as the user, then the system will automatically assign the new work request to the creator and that will make the new work request visible on the list.
Can I add pictures to reports?
No, not at the moment. Currently you can only add a written report.