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comma CMMS - Limited-time offer comma CMMS - Limited-time offer

Thank you for your interest in Comma CMMS.
To celebrate the milestone of reaching 3000 users we are are offering a special discount to the next 100 users who register for our professional account!
You get an extra free user valid for the lifetime of your paid account, a free upgrade to a premium account with a minimum of 5 users instead of 10, priced at usd10/user/ month, which is half of the usual rate.
If you have any questions or would like to understand more about the system, please feel free to contact us at or by skype (username: commacmms)
For more complex installations we also offer additional support including:
1. Maintenance management consulting
2. Maintenance procedures technical consulting
3. Preparation of procedures, tasks, material and tools lists and maintenance plans
4. Input of all data to comma CMMS
5. Training
6. Software customization and integration with other ERP systems you may have
7. Maintenance records regular audits
We look forward to the possibility of working with you in upgrading your maintenance management to the next level.
comma CMMS team

More information:
2017-10-14 06:13

comma CMMS 1.2.6 is out on all servers comma CMMS 1.2.6 is out on all servers

The list of bug fixes and new features is, as always, here. The two major changes of note are:

1. Added Chinese language. (see here how to change the interface language)

2. Added the possibility of changing the work order priority description. (see here how to change the priority descriptions).

If there are any problems, please contact us anytime.

More information:
2017-09-25 11:51

comma CMMS v. 1.2.5 out now comma CMMS v. 1.2.5 out now

Version 1.2.5, released on the 10th of July, 2017 on all servers is out now. The usual development log (that includes the list of bug fixes and new features) is here:

As usual, please let us know if you run into problems or instability.

Thank you,


More information:
2017-07-11 07:39

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